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How to Choose the Right CNA Class

Choosing the right CNA class will help you make the most out of your training. There are thousands of classes out there, but some are better suited to provide specific perks for new nursing assistants. To choose the best option, you need to set your personal priorities and understand the options that are out there. Here are some things most people look for when choosing a class for certification as a nurse aide.

  • Affordable Tuition

For many students, the tuition is the biggest hurdle to enrolling in a CNA class. However, choosing a program because it is the cheapest may cause more problems than it solves. Every certified nursing assistant is entitled to be reimbursed for the cost of their training if they find a job within one year of completing certification. Either the state government or your new employer will cover your tuition, so don’t just choose a program for its price.

  • Employment Opportunities

The point of certification is to begin a new career, so choose a class that will prepare you to enter that career as soon as possible. Nursing homes are the main employers of CNAs and also provide training to new employees. This is a great way to get training and a job in one place. Other CNA classes offer resume workshops, career development courses, and professional internships at nursing facilities. All of these features will help you get a job faster once you have graduated. Ask the class’s program coordinator about their most recent job placement rate for graduates. Resource:

Preparing for CNA Training

As the start of your healthcare career, CNA training will set the stage for your job prospects and future success as a nurse. There are a few important things you can do to prepare for your instruction and many of them will help you get ahead in your profession.

  • Find Job Openings in Advance

If you receive an offer of employment before you finish certification, the cost of your training must be covered by your employer. Finding a job opening in advance of your certification can make the process more efficient and will give you the motivation to pass your test as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t hired before training, you will know what to do with your certification as soon as you have it.

  • Gather Required Materials for Application and Instruction

There are application materials like high school or GED transcripts, fingerprinting cards or criminal background reports, immunization records and other administrative forms that you will need to provide to complete your enrollment.  Classes also require students to buy different materials for training including text books, scrubs or medical uniforms, and watches with a second-hand.

  • Set your Schedule for Success

Each course has a specific schedule for certification. Once you have chosen an instructional program, use their syllabus and class schedule to plan your personal calendar. Whether your class is five weeks, eight weeks or a full semester, being aware of the graduation date will help you plan out your study times and subsequent job hunt. Keep two weeks before your exam as open as possible to set a routine for studying to pass the exam. The certification test is the final barrier to your employment, so be prepared to spend as much time as you need to study and master the skills it tests. Resource:

Steps to CNA Certification

  1. Enroll in Class
  2. Complete Classroom Instruction (40-70 hours of instruction)
  3. Complete Clinical Rotation (40-70 hours of instruction)
  4. Pass Certification Exam (2 Test Sections: Written Exam, Skills Test)
  5. Register with Nurse Aide Registry 
  6. Resource:

Where to Get CNA Scrubs

There is a specific uniform required for medical staff and certified nursing assistants must look the part of a nurse. Each class will require students to wear scrubs or medical uniforms during training to get familiar with healthcare protocol. Scrubs can be bought online or at any number of retail distributors for professional uniforms. Some classes require a specific color, so make sure to get the right type for your needs. Resource:

CNA Certification Renewal Process

Once you have completed your certification, you are licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant for two years. You must renew your certificate before it expires to remain on the Nurse Aide Registry and employed as a CNA. If you do not renew, you will be required to repeat training and pass the certification exam again to keep working. Renewal is a simple process and most states will send a reminder to each nurse when their expiration date is approaching. It may be necessary to complete at least eight hours of continuing education credits, but in most states, the only renewal requirement is having been employed as a CNA in the past two years. Resource:

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