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There are many ways to get financial assistance with the cost of your training as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Scholarships, tuition assistance and employment benefits are all useful ways to get the money you need to pay for your new skills.

Scholarships are available through federal and state governments. Workforce development scholarships have been given out to many different states in order to cultivate an option for affordable training. One of the most widely available types of scholarship for CNA training is the Workforce Investment Act. This federal assistance program has a long list of WIA-approved training providers that offer vocational training in a number of careers, including healthcare.

Another popular scholarship is available through the GI Bill. For veterans of the U.S. military, there are federal funds allocated for the cost of any college-level training. There are many training programs that will accept these scholarships as tuition for nurse aide education and even provide tuition discounts.

Some educational programs also provide need-based scholarships. Non-profit organizations like the American Red Cross host training programs with affordable tuition. But they also help some students with the cost of tuition through nursing scholarships their organization provides.

Tuition assistance is also available through state funding. Every CNA has the option to be compensated for the cost of their training if they are employed within one year after completing their certification. The application is available through the state board of nursing or the state’s online nurse aide registry. It is extremely important to maintain a positive employment history in state records.

If you receive an offer of employment before certification is complete, your employer becomes responsible for the cost of your training. In many cases, CNAs that train in nursing homes can get free training and a job if that nursing home is in need of new staff.  This is one of the most convenient ways to get help with the cost of training and start your career as soon as possible, but not all nursing homes that provide training are looking for new staff.

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