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Certified nursing assistants are valuable to any healthcare team they join. Because of this versatility, there are thousands of new nursing jobs opening up across the country at a faster rate than any other entry-level position in healthcare. The skills and training of a CNA can be used in many different medical settings.

Nursing Homes –

The main opening for new nursing assistants is at nursing homes. According to the United States Department of Labor Statistics, almost 60% of CNAs work in a long-term care facility or nursing home. This is a great place to start out as a nurse assistant and sharpen your skills. After gaining years of experience with diverse patients and medical conditions, many nurse aides go on to become supervisors at a nursing home or seek out other employment opportunities.

Hospitals –

Less than 10% of CNAs are employed at general hospitals, state hospitals, and specialty hospitals. This is one of the top-paying positions for a nursing assistant, but the hours and work responsibilities are more demanding than most other job options for CNAs. This is a great environment to learn more about the world of professional healthcare and find ways to utilize and further develop nursing skills.

Rehabilitation Centers –

Healthcare centers like psychiatric hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and drug-abuse centers need staff to monitor patients around the clock. Nurse aides may be required to supervise patient activities, distribute medication, or assist with regenerative exercises and therapy.

Home Health Aide –

Nursing assistants that provide personalized service in a patient’s home are known as home health aides. Home health aides can be self-employed or hired through a nursing services provider. They have many of the same medical duties as CNAs in nursing homes, but the setting is much more private and one-on-one. Some states have a separate certification for home health aides.

Education –

Many CNAs with years of experience choose to share their professional expertise with others as teachers or educators. It is possible to become a certified instructor for nursing assistants and teach a training program. Besides this type of education, some CNAs choose to continue their educations and pursue advanced nursing degrees, like Registered Nursing or Licensed Practical Nursing.

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